Grand International Champion

G.I.Ch. Derepashka Plushmur

Derepashka is a daughter of our cat Zhar-Kisa and well-known Voronezh cat Caprice Yamamoto, also she is a sister of our cat Dreamer. She has a very interesting character: she sings in your arms. She likes to pet lying on a hard surface. It has a compact, strong body on strong legs, good profile of the head, medium-sized wide-set ears, correct texture of the hair. Very elegant with a great bicolor relation. 


G.I.Ch. Laura

Laura is a typical representative of British Shorthair cat. It has a harmonious, compact, muscular body, nice round little face in good proportion to the body, well set ears. The hair is short, thick and dense. The nature of Laura is energetic, playful, she loves to sing songs for kittens.