About us

The name of our cattery comes from the features of the British Shorthair cat. Notable feature of this species are large-bodied, short teddy bear coat, big round bright amber eyes, small rounded ears, wide-set, unqualified cheeks, tight short or medium length tail. All these harmoniously composed features of appearance and together with a calm, mild, curious and playful nature of the representatives of the breed give glamor and charisma.

Many of these features make the British cats ideal friend for your children. If you   touch the plush fur and hear or feel the rhythmic MURRRRR, you will see the silent magic of amber eyes look and daytime stress will disappear without a trace, and you immerse yourself into a state of relaxation.

Acquiring such a friend, you fill your home with happiness for many years!

These features and the desire to give you the opportunity to get a plush, charismatic friend - a brilliant representative of the British Shorthair breed, incite us to work on improving the breed. Show results and titles of all our pets covered at our web site show the results of our breeding programme. Also on the site of our cattery you will find information about our cats and their  posterity, recommendations on the housing of cats and other useful related information.

We wish you a pleasant journey through the pages of our site!

Yours sincerely,

Denis and Anna Yakovleva

About us

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